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Preventative Maintenance Plans

Every preventative maintenance plan is customized based on your equipment, usage, and home to keep you comfortable year-round.

How Can an AC Maintenance Plan Help You?

If you live in Jacksonville, Orlando, or Ocala, you know that Florida’s heat and humidity cause your air conditioner to work overtime for months on end. You don’t want your source of cool, breathable air to fail, and you need a plan to keep that from happening.

Florida Heating & Air and their professionally trained and certified technicians offer preventive maintenance plans meant to keep your air conditioner running its best, even through the hottest, wettest months of the year. You should be comfortable all year long, and our maintenance plan is designed with that goal in mind. All machinery, from your car to your lawn mower to your boat, require regular maintenance to operate at their best; your heating and air conditioning system are no different.

With a maintenance plan from Florida Heating & Air, your HVAC system will be examined and kept operating efficiently; regular maintenance is the best way to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs or replacements. Each of our maintenance plans is custom tailored to your existing equipment, home design, and usage requirements, to give you the best service possible at a fair, affordable price.

Here’s a list of some of the things we do as part of your maintenance plan:

  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Clean the indoor evaporator coil
  • Clean the condensing unit
  • Flush condensate drain line
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect for refrigerant leaks
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Evaluate overall efficiency

You may wonder about all of this. “What will happen if my system isn’t properly maintained?” “My AC is working fine! Is a maintenance plan really necessary?” “How does preventive maintenance help me?”

Here’s one example that illustrates why a maintenance plan is a good thing. Let’s say you forget to change your air filters. So what, right? Wrong! Dirty filters make your entire system dirty; now you’re pumping all the dust, dirt, and allergens that filter should have blocked right back into your home; colds, allergies, and headaches can often be traced back to a dirty AC filter. Plus, now the condenser is accumulating dirt, too, so it’s going to start icing up and freezing and, ultimately, failing. Which isn’t good. In addition, dirty filters mean reduced air flow, so your system has to work harder than ever to pump cool air out, which may cause a breakdown and absolutely will cause your utility bill to rise. The longer you let that dirty, clogged air filter sit, the more damage it’s inflicting on your HVAC system.

And that’s just one component! Freon leaks are bad for the environment, bad for your health, and cost you money by, again, causing your AC to work harder than it needs to. A clogged condensate line has been known to grow algae and mold! A malfunctioning thermostat will leave you too hot or too cold while causing your electricity bill go to through the roof. Frozen coils will shut down the entire system while they defrost.

A Florida Heating & Air maintenance plan will eliminate all of these issues, as well as identify potential problems in advance when they can be fixed before they cause complete system failure. A maintenance plan is an excellent option and it costs a whole lot less than a new unit! Whether you live in Ocala, Orlando, or Jacksonville, you need a reliable air conditioning system that works efficiently. We can help you with that. Because when every component of your HVAC system is working optimally, you’ll be cool and comfortable, or warm and dry, all year long.

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